Spindrift: “Storytelling” Wall Design & Way-finding



Art Director


Krissy. W. Beck

There are two design parts of this project, including a visual wall design and the way-finding.

This project has a visual wall, The design is to help employees have a deeper understanding of Spindrift history. Bright colors add life and energy to the office environment. Moreover, they have a device on the wall. Spindrift has eleven flavors. The device is designed to help employees better understand the taste and use of the products and help to promote unity and team spirit.

In the way-finding part, This design is use particular elements to create an unique visual and physical system that guides clients and employees through the Spindrift Office. Since Spindrift is a fruit sparkling water company. So I choose strokes as the directory-style sign, and my color palette is based on the Spindrift brand.

This project is designed to draw people to their desired destination, the more opportunity they will have to form a lasting positive connection with the space.